By David Nobbs


Meet Reginald Iolanthe Perrin, a man on the brink, in this comedy classic Fleeing across England in a fruit shaped van, attending his own wake and shouting the word 'parsnip' at inopportune moments wasn't exactly what Reginald Perrin had planned. But for Reggie, nothing in life is really going to plan. This brand new dramatisation of David Nobbs's hilarious classic novel follows the adventures of a middle-aged, middle-of-the-road, middle management dessert salesman, as he decides he's finally had enough. Part 1: The Fall - Reginald Perrin is having a crisis; he's not only lost his drive at work and in the bedroom but also his grip on reality. Parsnip, anyone? Part 2: The Rise - Reggie decides that faking his own death is the only way to find freedom and become a new man, but there's an unexpected problem... Also included here is a bonus interview programme, 'Laughed Off the Page', in which David Nobbs tells Janice Forsyth about his most famous creation, the wonderful Reggie Perrin.

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Narrator Miscellaneous
Length 2hrs 22mins
Catalogue No. 17653
Publisher Findaway; 2023
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