By Ray Hogan


Two tales of the Old West. Ben Sutton is summoned to Mexican Springs to intervene in violence that has broken out between cattle ranchers and homesteaders. Even before he arrives, Sutton has a bloody encounter with members of the Denison gang, intent on revenge for an earlier clash. But, as Sutton's mission is to be kept secret, he cannot share information with - or even seek the assistance of - the local sheriff... As he bivouacs in the Carrizo, Frank Brokaw is hopeful that his search may be nearing its end. Somewhere - hopefully nearby - is the man who was once known as Matt Slade. Brokaw doesn't know what Slade looks like, or the name he uses now - but he does know that his quarry rides a silver-mounted saddle, and is carrying a sizeable haul of money from a bank robbery...

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Narrator Jeff Harding
Length 5hrs 30mins
Catalogue No. 15137
Publisher Isis Audio;2018
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