By Anya Seton


Merewyn has grown up in savage 10th Century Cornwall; a lonely girl, sustained by stubborn courage and pride in her descent from the great King Arthur. Rumon, a young French prince, has always dreamed of finding the idyllic island of hearsay and legend, Avalon. He gladly leaves his home in Provence but his hopes are dashed when his ship is wrecked off the Cornish coast. Rumon and Merewyn meet and from that hour their lives are intertwined. They make their way to the court of King Edgar and his beautiful young queen. At first they are dazzled but there is evil lurking in the corridors of power . . .

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Narrator Anita Gilson
Length 18hrs 30mins
Catalogue No. 14992
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton; 1966
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