By Paul Adam


A dazzling young Russian virtuoso performs a sell-out recital on Paganini's violin in the cathedral in Cremona. Then one of the audience, a shady Parisian art dealer, is found dead in his hotel room, a fragment of sheet music belonging to the virtuoso hidden in his wallet. But how did the dead man get hold of it? And why? Gianni and Antonio investigate the murder and find themselves at the centre of a tantalising story of love, deception and greed. Following a trail that leads back to Paganini, his lover Elisa Bonaparte (Napoleon's sister), Catherine the Great of Russia and a long-lost priceless treasure, the two friends must unravel another mystery that has gone unanswered for over a century, one that may hold the answer to the modern-day murder. Sequel to The Rainaldi Quartet.

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Narrator Sean Barrett
Length 9hrs
Catalogue No. 14975
Publisher Isis Audio; 2012
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