By Robyn Carr


Born to a respected family, seventeen-year-old, Vieve Donnelle always gets what she wants. But when word arrives that her father’s estate isn’t as wealthy as it appears, the noble heiress must rethink her betrothal to an impoverished aristocrat. Enter Captain Tyson Gervais, an infuriating colonial sea captain traveling to England for business in foreign trade. Vieve can’t resist thinking about the dashing American merchant who elicits such conflicting reactions from her. Tyson never imagined he’d be dallying with a spoiled noble, but Vieve’s young, tempting curves seduce him against his better judgment. Though he knows a designing woman can wreak havoc, he aches for the chance to claim one as his own.

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Narrator Justine Eyre
Length 10hrs
Catalogue No. 14973
Publisher Brilliance Audio; 2014
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