By Liz Fenwick


Boskenna, the beautiful, imposing house standing on the Cornish cliffs, means something different to each of the Trewin women. For Joan, in the 1960s it was a paradise where she and her husband could entertain and escape a world where no one was quite what they seemed. Diana, her daughter, still dreams of her childhood there – the endless blue skies and wide lawns, book-filled rooms and parties and the sound of the sea at the end of the coastal path. And for the youngest, broken-hearted Lottie, returning to Boskenna is a welcome escape from a life gone wrong in London, but will mean facing a past she’d hoped to forget. As the three women gather in Boskenna for a final time, the secrets hidden within the beautiful old house will be revealed in a summer that will leave them changed for ever.

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Narrator Pene Herman-Smith
Length 13hrs 25mins
Catalogue No. 14702
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