By D E Stevenson


Rhoda, an artist from London and her childhood sweetheart James finally wed, following a lot of deliberation ? particularly on Rhoda?s side. Her love for James out-balances her career and she takes the plunge into living the life of a farmer?s wife at Boscath farm in Scotland. Arriving at Boscath, they employ a cook, Miss Flockie, who is exceptional in her duties and more importantly, a friend to Rhoda. Their new home, although quaint, is isolated, and Rhoda misses her life in London. With James tending to the farm, Rhoda impulsively decides she will start painting again and finds inspiration in her beautiful surroundings. Their marriage is strong and both James and Rhoda rise to the challenge of their life in rough weather.

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Narrator Lesley Mackie
Length 8hrs mins
Catalogue No. 14660
Publisher Soundings; 2017
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