By Graham Hurley


DI Joe Faraday, badly injured on holiday in the Middle East, is convalescing in the UK. Four deaths in a suspicious farmhouse fire drag him back to work before he's truly fit. His partner, meanwhile, wants to adopt a young Palestinian child. Both privately and professionally, Faraday is under threat. Bazza Mackenzie, Pompey drug-lord, is facing financial metdown as property markets collapse across the globe. Only a multi-million pound stash of cocaine, carefully hidden on a trusted friend's property, can keep his commercial empire afloat. But Bazza's lifeline has disappeared. Ex-cop Paul Winter is still Mackenzie's trusted lieutenant. But his growing doubts about his new life alongside Pompey's top criminal deepen further when Bazza orders him to retrieve the missing cocaine...whatever the cost.

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Narrator Tim Pepper
Length 12hrs mins
Catalogue No. 14645
Publisher Isis; 2012
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